Data sheet

  • 4 lens per box
  • Brand: Safilens
  • Name: SAFE-GEL FRP
  • Code: 1moFRP
  • Disposable: Monthly disposables
  • Multifocal: No
  • Base Curve (BC): 8.60mm
  • Diameter (DIA): 14,1mm
  • Sphere Power:
    -0.50 / -6.00 (0.25)
    -6.00 / -16.00 (0.50)
    +0.75 / +4.00 (0.25)
    +4.00 / +6.00 (0.50)
Contact Lenses - Safilens


Code: 1moFRP

The Contact Lens SAFE-GEL 1DAY to spare is part of a new generation of LAC releasing tear substitute natural
daily, are composed of a material very innovative: the Filcon IV Hyaluropolymer (€ ™ Hyaluronic Acid.) which makes them very comfortable in addition to treatment UV protection.
-This Release technique of HA allows a longer life of '€ ™ hydration of the lens and a continuous lubrication ?? cation and stabilizing the tear film by improving subjective comfort.
The water content is equal to 60%, and have a thickness of 0.05 mm
A light color light blue makes it easy to distinguish them on light surfaces, which can be porcelain or stainless



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