13 June 2014

Italia Independent sunglasses: Fashion e Design Made in Italy

The Unique Edition of Italia Independent sunglasses exclusive  for Larusmiani, focuses on the iconic best-selling model of the manufacturer: II, the unisex model 090,
This special edition is available in two variants, and only 92 pieces, and is a perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation.
The front of the glasses, blue deep, is enhanced by UV treatment Lux ®, the famous velvet effect which has become one of the hallmarks of the production of Italian Independent. The lenses are faded, also in blue. Impressive pairing with the rods, on which were reproduced in two textures care Larusmiani inspired two floors of the Concept Boutique Larusmiani Via Monte Napoleone, introduced by renowned London architect David Collins during the renovation of 2010.
The first is the Palladian unmistakably reminiscent of the floors typical of Italian: reinterpreting the tradition of white marble with joints blue colors always Larusmiani identifiers.
The suggestions of the second optical diamond pattern, however, is inspired by the historical fabric of the fashion house and reinterpreted in an original way a number of famous reasons related to the Anglo-Saxon world.
Thus was born this limited edition, in which creativity and research materials blend perfectly with class and timeless elegance.