Sale Conditions

Our Guarantee of Quality

Ottica Look guarantees the absolute conformity of the frames and lenses of a valve to norms the EEC. All our suppliers, operate however in the respect of the strict currently enforced norms and their products they are consistent to the standards from the current legislation of the European Union.

Shipping Policy

We send the items you ordered usually after 7 working days from your payment.
When the status is sent add the time delivery of Fedex you see in Delivery information.
We use only Priority FedEx because the articles we present are delicate
therefore we want to protect them.
It is very important to keep delivery as fast as possible.
With Fedex we provide you with a tracking number
so it is easy for your to check the delivery in every moment.
You can check your package sent by Fedex here.

How Much the Shipping costs to you

The cost of the shipment depends on the place of destination of the goods.  for European Union it is € 19.00
The total of the order that you will carry out, once selected the destination country, will be however always included of these eventual expenses 

 Only for orders havig as destination Italy choosing  the kind of payment  as bank transfer and credit card, the shipping is free.
Some sunglasses are readily available in stock, while others may have to be backordered. In this case, delivery times are 2/3 weeks

Our Guarantee of the Service

Timely communicate any possible defect in the products, breaches and damages, errors in the shipment, difference in what ordered, anyway all that does not go in that you have received. We will take care of it immediately, at our expenses, to repeat the shipment of the products, or to replace them with others of equal value, or to reimburse them. Forward your protest to the attention of Mr. Bruno Meschino at our e-mail addres

How to exercise the Right of recess
If you have simply changed idea regard to the purchase of the products write within 10 work days from the reception of the package at our e-mail addres specifying the reference to the receipt of which products you wish to give back and the banking coordinates near which you wish the credit. You do not have to supply some explanation to us because the Right of recess previewed in the sales at the distance is guaranteed from the legislative decree 185/99. In the case it will be your cure to supply to the shipment of the products, integral and in their original confection, together with our receipt. Within 14 work days from their reception, we will provide to give you back the amount eventually already paid, to the exclusion of expenses supported the proceeds through credit card and for the delivery, on the banking coordinates that you will have indicated to us. The products will have to be sent to: OTTICA LOOK - Via Europa n 22- 04024 Gaeta (LT).

How to cancel the order within 24 hours

In order to cancel an order is sufficient to send, within 24 hours you received the confirmation of order, an e-mail at our e-mail addres indicating the progressive number of the order given at the moment of the purchase. In this case the order will not be tried and the amount eventually already paid with credit card, excluding the expenses supported for the proceeds, immediately will be reimbursed you on the banking coordinates that you will indicate to us. Passed the 24 hours the contract will agree concluded and the order will be advanced, but you will always have the right to recess.

The Payment System

You will be able to choose freely at the conclusion of the order, one between the following modalities of payment:  bank transfer and credit card. In this case it will be sufficient to insert the data of your card in the page predisposed from the system of Telepay payment of the SSB, simple, fast and sure, without that the installation of additional software and without unloading any certificate or plug-in. The system is protected and secure: remember that your credit card is not sure when you give it to the waiter of the restaurant that far away carries out the operations from your looks! This instrument of payment allows the holder of credit card to supply the own sensitive data (number of card, expiration, name, etc) directly to the bank and not to the store or the service provider that manages it, In fact, in the moment in which the purchaser decides to pay with credit card, it comes recalled the payment page on sure server (it's used the system of cryptography to public/private key to 128 bit, to total guarantee for the purchaser), in which are asked the sensitive data of your credit card. The bank takes care of putting such data in the international circuits Visa and MasterCard and to give back to the customer the outcome of the transaction. At the end of the purchase procedure, an e-mail notifies the outcome of the outcome of the transaction. The security of the system Telepay Light of the SSB is guaranteed from cryptography based on the standard SSL with symmetrical key to 128 bit. About the Vat (Value-added tax) the Vat, where in the applicable measure, always is concluded in the price of the products. Applicable laws. The Italian laws with respect to the commerce at distance regulate all contracts, perfectly made in Italy. For any information or necessity call 0771/464701 or send a fax to 0771/464701 or write to our e-mail addres or to OTTICA LOOK - via Europa n 22 - 04024 Gaeta (LT).

The protection of your personal data

Law 675/96 is instituted in order to guarantee your privacy and in virtue of this law it is not more possible to send advertisement neither to communicate to third party your address for the same purpose, without your consent. The reason for which you will not find, on the web site, no space in order to express or to deny your consent is: we do not have any consent to demand to you because your data are collected with the exclusive aim to supply the service that you have demanded. OTTICA LOOK therefore does not yield to other companies, to no title and for no purpose, database of the own customers, neither personal information in it. Moreover we will never send to your address, neither to those eventually supplied for the delivery gift, advertising information. Your personal data however, could be communicate the following subjects:

  • -To the credit institutions for the management if the payments;
  • -To the couriers people in charge of the shipment of the products;
  • -To all those subjects that carry out for our account specific assignments as the estate of the accounting and the management of the computer.

With this premise, it is clearly that the bestowal of your data, if also optional according to the law, is indispensable to your purchase order. You will be able however to exercise all the rights previewed to article 13 of the law 675/96 (to obtain the access to your data, to ask for correction, integration, the cancellation, etc.) writing to the attention of Mr. Bruno Meschino at  our e-mail addres, or at OTTICA LOOK - via Europa n 22 - 04024 Gaeta (LT). The responsible of the treatment is Mr. Bruno Meschino. Information and exclusions of responsibility Ottica Look will make every reasonable effort the aim to guarantee that the information that appear on its website are exact and are update. However, errors or involuntary omissions are not excluded. Therefore the customer is invited to verify the exactitude of contained information directly to indirectly from such use. The customer has every responsibility for the purchase of contact lenses confirming with the order, of being in profession of necessary medical prescription. The rights of the costumer will not be in any way in danger commercial marks and "logo" that appear in this web site registered trade marks of not registered ones that belong to OTTICA LOOK or to third party and they cannot be used for advertising without the estimate written consent of the owner of the brand.

The security of your credit card

We have said that your credit is more secure acquiring on Internet than the traditional commerce: in fact our store will never know the data of your card and therefore is excluded the possibility that ulterior transactions can be carried out without you knowing.
Moreover the system of Telepay payment created from SSB adopts the higher levels of security in use today: the sessions of data exchange between our store and the bank and between the bank and you are protected from 128 cryptography bit, protected from any indiscreet eye. Here the way this works: 1) when you confirm the order with all the necessary data the server that accommodates our store provides to send the purchase data to the bank, using cryptographies protocol SSL to 128 bit and "signing" the information with a 1024 key to bit. 2) To this point our server brings you to the protected pages of the web site of the bank (HTTPS). 3) The bank shows you the data of the order.4) You choose with which type of credit card you wish to card out the payment, insert and confirm the data.5) To this point the bank sends the data to the issuing society (Inter-bank Services, American Express, etc.) in order to receive the outcome of the transaction.6) The bank communicates us the outcome and you will be sent back to the pages of our store in order to receive the outcome yourself. Only to this point the transaction will be completed. For any information or clarification write us at our e-mail addres